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Lloyd George Record Boxes

Lloyd George Record Boxes

We supply a full range of Lloyd Geroge Record Boxes, Lloyd George Medical Notes boxes, Lloyd George Boxes, Lloyd George Files, Lloyd George Trays and Lloyd George Medical Record File Boxes, dental record envelope storage and dental patients records.

We offer a range of sizes and materials, with no handles, with handles, or with handles and label holders.

When ordering online the delivery costs will be added separately, as detailed. 

The box shown in the photo is our very popular fold up Lloyd George storage box, made specifically to store patient notes. 

Available in a range of sizes which are all 105mm high x 135mm wide and are available in the following depths: 350mm/370mm/390mm/400mm

Please contact us with your requirements

We can also supply a wide range of storage units, including CQC compliant lockable storage cabinets, designed to optimise the storage of Lloyd George file storage boxes. Available in a wide range of sizes, to suit all applications, please call us for more information. 

Upon delivery of the boxes we will confirm your order and the invoice will be sent to you via email. Please note that payment is by BACs and that we do not accept cheques.

Strength:Delivery is free for orders of 50+ boxes. If you order 1 – 25 boxes then delivery is £22.50 plus VAT, 26 – 49 boxes then delivery is £20 plus VAT.