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Hospital medical records storage is an ever growing problem for the health care sector, but we can offer a range of products to ease and manage this problem. We supply a range of shelving designed for the storage of patients notes that offers the best use of space combined with cost effectiveness. Thus using our products the medical records storage issues can be managed, whislt the storage of medical records presents an on going issues for many Trusts.

If additional capacity is required then we offer our medical records roller racking system, also known as mobile shelving. This provides up to 150% more capacity when compared to static shelving and for many hospital departments it is essential in providing the capacity required for the records library.

We also supply a range of medical records filing trolleys, either using our standard designs or we can make the trolley to your own design. We also supply rain proof covers for filing trolleys using our made to measure service.

Our range of hospital clinic transfer crates and boxes are designed to allow the secure movement of medical notes around the site and can be used with a security tag. We also supply transfer bags, embossed with your hospital departments logo on in a range of sizes and colours.

As can be seen we offer a complete service to support the storage and management of medical records in hospitals, so please call us for advice or prices.

We offer a full range of CQC compliant medical records storage cabinets, shelving and mobile shelving. All fulfill the recommendations of the Care Quality Commission in the terms of security of the patient records, Lloyd George notes and medical notes as well as allowing easy and speedy acces. Designed to suit each health centre or clinic or hospital medical records library our extensive range of secure products is ideal for all users, allowing them to have full compliance with the guidelines.

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We also supply hospital medical gas cylinder storage racks, for more information, please click here