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We specialise in the supply of products that allow the optimum storage, access and availability of medical records and patient records within hospitals, clinics and health centres. Our range of hospital medical records shelving allows records library managers to maximise the available space and thus store more patient records, allowing an increase in the library size. We offer static shelving and mobile shelving and roller racking combinations that allows flexability in layout and design. The use of mobile shelving within the medical records library of hospitals or clinics allows increases of up to 150% in storage capacity when compared to standard shelving layouts. The easy to use system that allows access to the stored medical records provides the solution when space is limited or increased capacity is required. The roller racking system is mounted directly on top of the existing floor and can be moved or extended as required, thus allowing long term flexability. We can provide mobile shelving to extended heights, our standard is seven storage levels high and using a 320mm deep shelf so as to ensure that the whole file is stored on the shelf. This reduces damage to the medical records and prevents the patients records from being damaged.

We provide a call out and repair service that covers all makes and types of medical records mobile shelving and roller racking. We provide this service to numerours NHS trusts and also to the private healthcare sector and we also offer a planned service schedules that allow monthly, bi monthl, quarterly or annual visits. We can repair and replace broken mobile shelving hand wheels, repair collapsed infill floors that have been damaged by flood water or old age as well as non working or not moving mobile bases and roller racking bases. This service is also available for electric mobile shelving and roller racking and we can attend site and carry out repairs and servicing for all makes and types of medical records compact shelving systems.

We supply a range of Lloyd George storage boxes and Lloyd George file trays that are used in health centres and clinics. We offer a range of boxes including our popular heavy duty budget version that is the correct size to store the patient records envelopes.We also supply a heavy duty storage box that is pre assembled and has a brass handle and label holder. These allow easy removal of the clinic's patient records the storage bays. We can advise the prices for these ranges of boxes, so please us. The storage of Lloyd George notes within health centres and doctor's surgeries requires a large amount of space as well as time to find and trace the stored patient records. Therefore our range of health centre storage boxes are desinged to maximise the available space, whislt allowing easy and fast access. 

For health centres and clinics that require new or increased storage systems for their Lloyd George notes or patient records envelopes we offer a range of storage systems that allow the maximum use of space. Our mobile shelving systems and roller racking use a narrow shelf designed to provide condence storage of the records, allowing for clinic test sheets to be stored within the envelope should this be required. We design and install our health centre storage systems so that the required number of lloyd george notes can be stored within the available space, allowing for growth as required. Our systems are laid directly on top of the existing flooring and can be sited within the health centre office or store room. Access to the stored lloyd george notes is then quick and easy and the systems can accomodate the full range of notes including large files as required.

We offer a range of medical records filing trolleys designed  for use with busy hospital patient records libraries. These include our popular heavy duty filing trolley that is available from stock in two sizes, both having two storage levels. We also supply a secure lockable medical records trolleys that is designed for movement of patient notes around the hospital. This is available in a range of sizes so as to accomodate the required number of notes to be moved or temporary stored. We can supply rain covers for all our trolleys as well as existing trolleys.

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